Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Differences Make Us Better
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Our Differences Make Us Better. Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Worthington

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Worthington understands the importance of bringing your full, authentic self to work. We celebrate our differences and welcome the unique perspectives of our teammates. Because we’re better when we embrace the full spectrum of our humanity.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision guides how we grow our workforce, shape our culture, and how we build sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

Our Multifaceted Approach

We focus on our progress through four pillars


Uphold best in industry DEI recruiting, promotion and retention practices


Foster an inclusive environment to encourage sense of belonging


Share our story and actively support underserved communities


Develop a robust supplier diversity program

A Message from Worthington’s DEI Director Adrian Sullivan

"Each of us represents a unique piece of the fabric of the human family, and we are at our best when we are free to be our complete selves. That is what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are all about, and it is the foundation Our Philosophy was built upon."

Leadership Council

Meet Our DEI Leaders

To underscore our commitment to building an environment where diversity is valued, Worthington established a DEI Leadership Council. Through their strategic efforts, we’re advancing a workplace where all employees feel they belong and are empowered to do their best work.

Each council member (pictured below) is passionate about this work and what it means to the fabric of Our Philosophy.

Joe Hayek

Joe Hayek, Chief Financial Officer

“I get excited about DEI at Worthington because I know it will make us better. Diversity of background, thought, experiences and talents are all incredibly valuable. As we think about the next five, 10 or 65 years, we need diversity to get where we want to be. We have real work to do to make our vision reality, but the efforts and initiatives that we have in place are a great start.”

Kimberly Sims, Vice President of Human Resources, WAVE

“Diversity is the pathway to success for any organization. Varied people, experiences and thoughts lead to innovation. During my career, I have personally seen and experienced success when a myriad of ideas from different points of view are brought together to create a new product, process or program that impacts an organization. When that happens, greatness occurs and no one is an afterthought.”
Eric Smolenski

Eric Smolenski, President, Building Products and Sustainable Energy Solutions

“Being more deliberate about diversity and inclusion will allow us to reach the true potential of the organization. Nothing fosters more growth, for both individual and organization, than providing a culture where diverse opinions and experiences can be shared comfortably.”

Priya Rao, Sr. Director, IT and PMO

“I see DEI at Worthington as a channel – one that enables free exchange of diverse ideas in order to meet the needs of our business, the community we live in, and the environment we are responsible for. Our differences make us better.”
Bill Wertz

Bill Wertz, Vice President, Transformation

“Not only is DEI aligned with Our Philosophy, it is essential for our long-term aspiration of being the highest-performing team in the communities and supply chains in which we exist and compete.”
Cathy Lyttle

Cathy Lyttle, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

“When we hear all voices and encourage differing viewpoints it not only challenges our thinking but makes everything we do better. Every person, no matter background or beliefs, should be accepted and valued for who they are and the contribution they bring.”
Jeff Klingler

Jeff Klingler, President, Steel Processing

“Trust, engagement, collaboration, and results happen when you have a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. We are better together with different thoughts, backgrounds, and ideas and this will continue to be evident as we perform, break records and strive for continuous improvement.”
Sonya Higginbotham

Sonya Higginbotham, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Brand Management

“There’s so much good that will come from our increased focus and commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. We all have a role to play and I look forward to seeing the ways we make meaningful impact together. Because together, better is possible!”

Michael Luh, Managing Director of Emerging Tech Investments

“If we look at the same problem from the same point of view as everyone else, we will arrive at the same solution resulting in a commoditization of our businesses. Diversity increases our odds of changing how we see the world to get to better solutions, but it only works if we also create a culture that invites that different perspective into the conversation.”

Michaune Tillman, General Counsel, Steel Processing

“Diversity and inclusion is essential to our growth and the future of Worthington. We know that by surrounding ourselves with diverse perspectives – WE ALL WIN! Challenging the organization to think differently as we continue on our diversity and inclusion journey, even when it is uncomfortable, is good leadership.”
Steve Caravati

Steve Caravati, President, Consumer Products

“To me, DEI is about having an intentional focus on ensuring we have adequate representation from various lived experiences. In partnership with those experiences is inclusion. Inclusion means that those diverse thoughts and experiences actually help generate great ideas and solutions. For all of us, it means asking questions, respecting answers, being open to fresh perspectives and most importantly, appreciating one another’s contributions.
Shellee Simmons-Taylor

Shellee Simmons-Taylor, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

“I think of DEI broadly, impacting all aspects of life including the workplace. Diversity is anchored in the belief that each of us can make meaningful contributions given our diverse backgrounds and experiences. Inclusion is the choice to seek out, welcome, and engage different groups of individuals. Equity is the creation of opportunities for all; because we are all valued.”

A Message from Worthington’s President & CEO Andy Rose

“Guided by Our Philosophy, we believe that our differences make us better and that diverse thought and experience drive innovation and help us achieve better results. We are committed to building an environment where diversity is valued, all employees feel they belong and can do their best work.”
Cultivating Belonging

Employee Resource Groups

Our Makers of Better reflect a rich tapestry of different ethnicities, gender expressions, and identities.

By establishing and expanding our employee resource groups, we aim to create spaces where everyone can form meaningful connections and deepen their sense of belonging among people with shared backgrounds.

  • Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Resource Group
  • Black and African American Resource Group
  • Latin and Hispanic Heritage Group
  • LGBTQIA+ Group
  • Veterans Resource Group
  • Women’s Resource Group
  • Working Parents & Caregivers Resource Group



Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

We’re proud to partner with a diverse supplier network and pledge to continue our efforts to grow it even more.

Over the last two years, Worthington's total diverse supplier spend has increased by 47%.


Deepening Understanding: Education & Resources

Whether you want to become a better ally to your peers or learn more about how to effectively champion race and gender equality in the workplace, we have the educational resources to help you continue your DEI journey here at Worthington.

Grow your understanding with education about topics such as Allyship, Inclusive Practices, Women in the Workplace, and Fighting Racism and Prejudice.