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Steel Processing

An Expanding Legacy

From the very first day Worthington Industries existed, we've processed steel. 65 years later, we've become a global leader in the steel processing industry and expanded our offerings to become a world leader in precision motor and transformer laminations for the electrical steel market, as well as a leading producer of laser welding solutions that provide lightweight, safety critical, and emission reducing components to the mobility market.

Through the acquisition of Tempel Steel, we expanded our sustainable mobility offerings to more widely serve the global market for hybrids and EVs. And through our joint venture with TWB, Worthington serves the automotive industry through improved material utilization and lightweighting, ultimately contributing to a more energy-efficient and better-performing product.

Building Products

Delivering Essential Building Products to Create Better Spaces

Our regulatory expertise gives our partners confidence that our building products meet or exceed the demands of today's building and construction industry. From heating and cooling offerings, water systems, ceiling solutions, metal framing and more-our products easily integrate into any well-designed building.


Since their tanks are made of high-quality components, they last a lifetime and serve the mission of our company.
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Consumer Products

Innovative, Category-Leading Consumer Brands

Our market understanding and user insights help us develop products that grow categories for our customers, while providing unmatched value to the people who use them—at work, at home or in the great outdoors. 

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Solutions for Tomorrow's Clean Energy Infrastructure

The energy mix fueling sustainable mobility is evolving, and so are we –with containment systems and services for the storage, transport, and use of hydrogen and compressed natural gas.

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