Steel Processing

Steel is What We Do and Who We Are
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Through our enduring commitment and relentless drive toward progress, we at Worthington Industries have earned our position as a market leader in steel processing. We are North America’s premier value-added steel processor and producer of laser welded solutions and electrical steel laminations, providing lightweighting, safety-critical and emission-reducing components to the mobility market.

Our Vision Spans Decades. Our Innovation Spans Industries.

In 1955, our founder John H. McConnell started the Company when he borrowed $600 to place his first order of steel for custom processing. His foresight established the foundation for our focused growth over the next six decades.

Today, Worthington’s steel processing capabilities and solutions impact multiple markets, such as automotive, heavy trucks, agriculture and beyond. We also help enhance our customers’ businesses by offering materials support, price risk management and supply chain solutions.

More than Steel

We don’t just solve the problem in front of us. We’re driven to solve for better. Because Worthington is more than steel. We’re your one-stop shop for steel solutions.

Tempel Steel

Advancing the Future of Transportation

In 2021, Worthington acquired Tempel Steel, a leading global manufacturer of precision motor and transformer laminations for the electrical steel market that includes transformers, machine motors and electric vehicle (EV motors).

The addition of Tempel makes us a world leader in the rapidly growing electrical steel market, expanding our sustainable mobility offerings and enabling us to more widely serve solutions for hybrids, electric vehicles and the electricity infrastructure needed to support them.

TWB Company, LLC

Leveraging Expertise to Optimize Products

Formed in 1992, TWB Company, LLC is a joint venture between Worthington Steel and BAOSteel who merged with Wuhan Iron and Steel Company (WISCO) in 2017. Combined, TWB Company and BAOSteel Tailored Blanks International GmbH make the largest and most advanced tailor welded products company in the world.

While ​​tailor welded products are primarily used in the automotive industry, they can also be used in others where steel and aluminum are used to improve results. TWB's expertise enables them to optimize customers' products, thus saving weight, reducing cost, improving material utilization, and consolidating parts.