Joined by the heritage and integrity of Westerman Companies and Palmer Mfg & Tank, Worthington maintains a manufacturing footprint to support both steel and fiberglass tank design and fabrication.


Oil & Gas Equipment

With a 50-year history of tank manufacturing in industrial gas, alternative fuels, energy, and consumer products, Worthington brings custom solutions for oil and gas storage, processing and transportation.
We take great pride in manufacturing quality products that meet the strict, highly regulated standards of the oil and gas industry. Our additional design engineering and custom fabrication capabilities strengthen our commitment and ability to partner with our customers even more for maximum results.  

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Nuclear Containment

Worthington's fabrication capabilities extend to include commercial nuclear power plant components, environmental tanks and casks in a variety of custom specifications. As the world's largest producer of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) storage and transportation cylinders, our containers meet & exceed the standards set not only by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but also by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Defense, and numerous prime and secondary government contractors involved with the production and handling of nuclear material.


Fertilizer Tanks

Manufacturing fiberglass tanks since 1972, Worthington incorporates the most modern, automated process of filament winding to assure our tanks are properly fabricated for durability and efficiently manufactured for economy.
Standard flat bottom tanks are available in sizes ranging from 300 to 42,000 gal.
We are pleased to offer an extensive list of available FRP resins to address your storage contents concerns.  These resins include Isophthalic, Orthophthalic, and Vinyl Ester.  Through strong supply chain relationships, we can tailor our offering to your exact needs as well as provide resin selection guidance.  
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Industrial & Municipal Tanks

Water-TreatmentWorthington’s steel and fiberglass manufacturing capabilities extend to serve industrial and municipal markets.
Custom steel fabrication capabilities include the production of high quality tanks and pressure vessels of all sizes for a wide variety of industrial applications.
Fiberglass tanks for wastewater, water treatment and chemical processing applications are offered with an extensive list of available resins for chemical resistance
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